Art as a Therapy (Path to Peace): A Journey of Healing


Art as a Therapy (Path to Peace): A Journey of Healing


Welcome to “Art as a Therapy (Path to Peace),” a transformative 12 sessions workshop designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. In this series of 90-minute sessions, we will explore the therapeutic power of art as a tool for managing anxiety, stress, and panic, allowing you to tap into your innate creativity to find inner calm and balance.

Led by experienced art therapy facilitators, each session offers a safe and supportive space for self-expression, reflection, and connection with others. Through a variety of artistic mediums and guided exercises, you’ll learn to harness the healing potential of art to navigate and transform your emotional landscape.

No prior art experience is necessary—just an open mind and a willingness to explore. Join us as we embark on this journey together, using art as our guide to peace, resilience, and personal growth.

What’s on the plate?

Session 1: Introduction to Art Therapy

– Overview of the workshop goals and expectations.

– Introduction to the concept of art therapy and its benefits for mental health.

– Icebreaker activity to help participants feel comfortable with each other and with expressing themselves through art.

Session 2: Exploring Emotions Through Color

– Discussion on the psychological effects of different colors.

– Guided exercise: Participants create abstract art using colors that represent their current emotions.

– Group discussion and reflection on the experience.

Session 3: Mindful Drawing

– Introduction to mindfulness techniques and how they can be incorporated into art-making.

– Guided mindful drawing exercises focusing on lines, shapes, and textures.

– Reflection on how mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Session 4: Collage Therapy

– Explanation of how collage can be used to explore and express emotions.

– Guided collage-making session using magazines, newspapers, and other materials.

– Group discussion on the symbolism present in participants’ collages.

Session 5: Art Journaling

– Introduction to art journaling as a tool for self-expression and reflection.

– Guided prompts for participants to start their own art journals.

– Sharing and discussing entries (optional, depending on participant comfort levels).

Session 6: Sculpting Emotions

– Introduction to sculpting as a therapeutic medium.

– Guided sculpting exercise using clay or other malleable materials.

– Reflection on the tactile experience of sculpting and its emotional impact.

Session 7: Nature-Inspired Art

– Discussion on the calming effects of nature on mental health.

– Outdoor session (weather permitting) for nature-inspired art-making (e.g., leaf rubbings, landscape sketches).

– Group discussion on the connection between nature and emotional well-being.

Session 8: Mandala Creation

– Explanation of the history and significance of mandalas in various cultures.

– Guided mandala-making session using geometric patterns and symbols.

– Reflection on the meditative process of creating mandalas and its therapeutic benefits.

Session 9: Expressive Painting

– Introduction to expressive painting techniques (e.g., finger painting, splatter painting).

– Guided session where participants paint freely, allowing their emotions to guide their brushstrokes.

– Group discussion on the experience of painting without inhibition.

Session 10: Found Object Assemblage

– Explanation of found object assemblage as a form of self-expression.

– Guided session where participants create 3D art pieces using found objects.

– Reflection on the symbolism behind the chosen objects and their arrangement.

Session 11: Vision Boarding

– Introduction to vision boarding as a tool for setting intentions and goals.

– Guided session where participants create vision boards using images and words that resonate with them.

– Discussion on how visualizing goals can reduce anxiety and increase motivation.

Session 12: Reflection and Celebration

– Group reflection on the journey of the workshop and the insights gained.

– Celebration of participants’ creativity and growth throughout the workshop.

– Discussion on ways to continue incorporating art therapy techniques into daily life for ongoing self-care.

Art as a Therapy (Path to Peace): A Journey of Healing

Throughout the workshop, the atmosphere should be supportive, non-judgmental, and focused on self-exploration and personal growth. It’s important for participants to feel empowered to express themselves authentically and to respect each other’s unique experiences. Additionally, the facilitator should be trained in both art therapy techniques and mental health support to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.


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Additional 10 Sessions (Basic Skills) – Rs.7,950/-

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Art as a Therapy (Path to Peace): A Journey of Healing

Art as a Therapy (Path to Peace): A Journey of Healing

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